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In designing the Coasson, care was given to that ultimate mission. More than human remains in whatever form, we are caring for and carrying human legacy; hence the military emblems, religious logos, first responder insignias, and open frame, as well as the American flags being included with every Coasson, sold in the United States. In the open frame can be a portrait, family photo, poem or verse, picture, or other meaningful representation. The intent is not to be a billboard. Rather it is to discreetly salute the legacy specifically for those immediately involved, and at the same time to provide a custom opportunity for the individual salute and private appreciation of those on the perimeter as they witness the Coasson and recognize that its cargo is human legacy. What happens between birth and death builds legacy but what happens between death and final disposition is human legacy. Legacy is what is in our care, and comfort and confidence are our greatest service renderings. To deliver those services in creative while professional, sensitive and supportive, custom but tasteful, cost-effective yet fully service inclusive ways is the mission of the Coasson.

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