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2022 Lincoln Grand Legacy Limited by MK Coach Company

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Grand Legacy Brochure

Legacy-Options-Chart-2021 (2).jpg




Standard Features:

Full Painted Roof with Vista glass and landau glass

Stainless Steel Band

Low Cut Rear Door

Casket area heat and air vents


Optional Equipment:

Reverse Hinged #2 Doors

Church Truck Sliding Tray

Urn-Enclave Built-in or Portable

Chome Casket Guide Rails

Folding Extend-A-Sill

Flag Staffs with Mounts

Carpeted Bumper Protector

Strobe kits (Grille, #2 Doors, Load Door)

17" or 22" Beacon

Folding Extend Sill

Legacy-Options-Chart-2021 (2).jpg






Casket Door Opening Height 40"
Casket Door Opening Width 48.5"
Floor Length 122"
Floor Width 44"
Loading Height 28"
Overall Height 73"
Overall Length 232"
Overall Width 76.1"
Wheel Base 142.2"


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