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• Casket door opening height 40”
• Casket door opening width 48.5”
•Casket Floor Length 96.75”
• Floor width 44.5”
• Loading height 31.7”
• Overall height 69.9”
• Overall length 213.8”
• Overall width 89.3”
• Wheelbase 119.1”

Standard Features:

2.3L Eco Boost Engine

Back-Up Camera


Crown Roof

Stainless Roof Band

Removable Landau Panels

Lincoln Front Grille

Low Cut Rear Door

Urn Enclave Built-In or Portable

Chrome Casket Guide Rails


Small Bumper Protective Carpet

Flag Staff with mounts

Strobe Kit (Grille, #2 Door, Load Door)


4 Wheel Drive

Combination Brochure

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